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Monday, May 28, 2007

Region Free Wii DVD Player for Wii Homebrewers

WiiVision has posted about his upcoming app that will boot the wii into gamecube linux and allow it to play dvd movies.

Support currently includes:
- 4.7G DVD Media (-r, +r, +rw, and of course "originals")
- Region Free
- Multi-Language Subtitle Support

Toggle menu: B
Play/Pause: Start
SlowMotion: A
Goto Disc Root: Y
Goto First Chapter: X
FF: R Trigger
RW: L Trigger
Next Chapter: C-Stick Right
Previous Chapter: C-Stick Left

DVD Menus Navigation: D-Pad
DVD Menus Select: Start

Eject the disc at anytime: L+R Trigger Combo

Great work so far! It's good to see the GC homebrew scene still brewing up releases.

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bendavid said...
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Wii Gamer said...

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free ps3 / free iphone said...

wow! That's nice. Thanks for the tip.

Mr. Awesome said...

i am a total beginer at wii hacking and homebrewing. How do i get this on my wii?

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