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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sad times for Wii modders - Wii Hacking State of the Union

The pirates are doing what they do, as you can read about on many other news sites, but not much else has happened in the world of Wii Hacks, As you know, this site and it's affiliates do not condone or endorse piracy which is why I've been hesitant to post much on all of the wii modchips that have been released. If the modchips enabled some kind of Wii homebrew, it would be a different story, but it is clear that the main purpose of the Wii modchips being sold is to play copied games, something we will not stand behind. I still believe that you should be able to make a backup copy of the games you own for your own personal use, but it is becoming increasingly harder to do this, especially in the US and other counties that are enforcing their laws on circumventing copy protection to make backups.

It's a sad day to wake up and read things like this in regards to a Wii modder who's house was raided last week:
"I have NOTHING of any worth anymore, other than a computer monitor, and my car. Because of what happened I'm not allowed to see my girlfriend and our 4 month old daughter, and last night, I slept in my car and my girlfriend sent me a text message telling me it felt like someone was taking me away from her. They took my life away. I would like to formally thank Microsoft and Nintendo for cracking down on the little guy with a soldering iron in his garage, rather than going after the people that are responsible for the bootlegs being available." - Read the Full Story on how this guy was raided for installing modchips. And read more on how Nintendo is supporting these raids along with Team Xecuters response (giving up on modchips). And the comments by the Digg community.

So anyway, this why you haven't seen updates here lately. Homebrew on the wii (not gc mode) is still not possible and Nintendo has still not released any information on a homebrew sdk, or some way for a regular person to create some kind of content for the wii.

On the Gamecube side, there have been a few good releases such as GC Forth, a programming language for the Gamecube by Roger Levy. It's in alpha / beta stages now, and free, but soon will turn into a commercial product with documentation and demonstrations. Something to keep an eye on.

It still amazes me that Wii's are completely sold out everywhere around here, and that there still is not a game that supports some kind of internet multiplayer or community. It's almost coming to the 1 year anniversary of the Wii, and I'm still waiting for some good games. My Wii sits and waits, all of my Wii-motes except one with dead batteries. Waiting and hoping that some day there will be new fun and interesting things to do on it. (UPDATE: I take it back, I got Resident Evil 4 for the Wii and it's been a lot of fun)

Meanwhile your friend liquidice is hard at work hacking the iphone to do home control, play games, run ssh, and all sorts of neat tricks. Keeps me busy until something fun comes out for the Wii. Keep this page bookmarked, if anything happens with regards to Wii homebrew or some official homebrew developers kit from Nintendo it will be posted here.

Also, The wiimote articles here, are getting TONS of hits. In fact, this site is #1 in google when you search for 'wii hacks' or just about anything having to do with a wiimote. It's amazing, and I thank you all for your comments and support. I continue to update the Wii Portal with new Wii-friendly webpages. If you have a site you would like to see added to the wii portal, or you have news on a cool Wii hack that has not been posted here yet, find my email on the right column and, email it to me.


raindog469 said...

I'm actually hoping that someone, somewhere has already cracked it, and is just waiting till November or December to spring it on us.... at which point there'll be so many Wiis in circulation that patching the flaw won't accomplish much for Nintendo.

It's not a real strong hope, but it's all we have right now. Every time I see yet another mod chip released, claiming to support "backups and GC homebrew," it's just a little more depressing.

mods said...

"It still amazes me that Wii's are completely sold out everywhere around here, and that there still is not a game that supports some kind of internet multiplayer or community."

What about Mario Strikers Charged... come on now with the incorrect information...

Scottish said...

Keep on hacking bro - don't give up! Things may look bad for the little guy at the moment, but as the past has shown us, its only a show of strength from the large corps. A flex of muscle if you will.

However, nobody should chip people for profit on the expense of developers games becoming pirated. I do however support homebrew software hacking.

Things will look up soon, Don't you worry liquidice! :-)

Regards from Eire

tom61 said...

The state of the hacking scene for Wii just got worse. The latest update stops the SD Media Launcher and the GC Action Replay from working. :(

MadCatMk2 said...

Another updeate was just released!
At least in Europe..

The second screen CLEARLY says that if your console is modchipped it will probably not work properly after the update..

I'm not chipped yet, but have no idea what to do..

Ken said...

Not only is Mario Strikers Charged online enabled, but now Madden 08 is too!! About time. With any luck, this signals that online games are soon to be the way of the future for Nintendo. And if they take a page from Sony, by NOT charging for the service, then all the better. For games such as the upcoming Guitar Hero III, I wouldn't mind using Wii points to purchase new songs or additional content. But to play online, that should ALWAYS be free..

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