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Monday, March 23, 2009

Nintendo DSi Hacking

Bushing from Hackmii has started a wiki to collect information related to to hacking the NDSi. It is released April 3rd in Europe and April 5th in the States. Stay tuned for more info! Or bookmark this wiki: http://dsibrew.org/wiki/Main_Page


Ruth said...

Thank you for sharing dude. A lot of wii fans have been waiting for this. Keep it up

Chhikara said...

Thanks for the nintendo Wii Hacks, this is a giant console , I guess nintendo dsi skins are most suitable for me..

nauman said...

Nintendo DSi can be hacked .... im amazed

Kristain77 said...

Nice post. It is interesting to read. Nintendo DSi is very popular gaming consoles. you can plays all DS games. DSi Shop can be accessed for downloading applications and games.It helps a lot in making the game play unique.

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