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Monday, January 03, 2011

HOWTO: Unlock your Wii for Homebrew

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Discover The Powerful New Features Your Wii Could Have Within The Next Few Minutes By Unlocking Wii Homebrew on your console...

  • Play Homebrew Games and Applications
  • Play Classic Nintendo, N64 , Sega and More on Your Wii
  • And Turn Your Wii into a DVD Player All in Less Then 5 Minutes!
  • Without Ever Using A Modchip, Soldering, or Even Opening Up Your Nintendo Wii!

MyHomeBreware is completely compatible with all Wii versions. They have two software to unlock your Wii, one being for all system versions 3.4 and prior and the other software was for the latest versions of the Wii menu including 4.0 and 4.1.++

MyHomeBreware E-book was good , they actually spent some time crafting it for the average Joe! Just as they said it really was easy to follow along . All the pictures and detailed descriptions to unlocking the Wii where spot on!

You seriously don't need any experience fixing or modding your Wii, every single step was drawn out for you so it was a breeze...+++

Video Tutorials:
There follow along video tutorials are really all you need. The High def videos in the members area where very helpful because you could unlock your Wii at your own pace like I did.

They have 5 video tutorials, all showing you how to do different things after your Wii is unlocked.

The unlocking videos go through the process of choosing what software to download depending on what Wii Menu version you have whether it be a 3.4 or 4.1 up until you completely unlock your Wii.

Application Installation Tutorials:
These tutorials really set MyHomeBreware apart from every single guide out there. None of the other guides show you how to download the free app's on the internet and install them on your Wii...

But MyHomeBreware does, They even show you where to download the emulators and homebrew games as a free bonus...

Money Back Guarantee:
Like if it couldn't get any better, MyHomeBreware has a 100% iron clad money back guarantee, if you don't like what you see or what your wii is now capable of doing, they will give you 100% of your money back no questions asked!

Ooh and can't forget they even let you keep the free bonuses which include the latest 2009 Wii Cheats guide and a free guide that shows you how to backup your Wii games and play them!

Bottom line is this is the best Wii unlocking guide on the internet hands down.
Download it Here

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