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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Where and how to pre-order a Wii?

Under-supply and over-promise with the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 left even those gamers who had pre-ordered and pre-paid without their new console for Christmas. That experience has left gamers even more anxious to make sure they can get a Wii, and retailers even more reluctant to allow pre-orders, especially in the United States. However, with Nintendo, according to some sources, promising two million Wiis in North America before the end of 2006, is pre-ordering a Nintendo Wii absolutely necessary?Many people seem to think so.

When Amazon.com opened its site to take pre-orders for the Wii on September 13th, they had to shut down the page within a few hours. People who had only just heard about the offer were arriving at the site to find ’sold out’ signs, which only aggravated the fear that there would not be enough Nintendo consoles to satisfy consumer demand. Amazon had not, in fact, sold out, so far as they knew. They were simply unprepared to deal with the rush of pre-orders they received, and chose to close off the offer until they got a firm commitment from Nintendo as to the number of consoles they would be able to sell.

Currently your choices are:

Toys R Us
EB Games
Best Buy

Have fun, and be safe standing in line!

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