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Thursday, February 01, 2007

OSX Wii Media Conversion Tools

There is finally a good solution for OSX users to convert their video content to a format playable on the Wii. Wii Transfer converts your MP3 files and videos to Wii compatible format. It can put them on an SD card or stream them through the Opera Browser.

Additional Features:

• Show album cover artwork in the music sharing interface
• Share MP3 music and pictures to your Wii over local network.
• Convert movies for playing in Wii's Photo Channel.
• Copy movies to SD card automatically if connected.
• Browse and convert iTunes video podcasts from within Wii Transfer.
• AppleScript support for automated conversions.
• Backup saved game files to your Mac automatically.

Download Wii Transfer here


ajmax1992 said...

As you can see here
There already is a wii emulator.

Josh said...

That's not a Wii emulator, so much as it is a "launcher made to look just like the Wii's Channel page." Until it can actually play Wii GAMES (like Wii Sports) it's not a Wii emulator.

Airavat said...

Very interesting.

Gannon8 said...

Lets hope they will make one for the PC's. Otherwise its a piece of junk.

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