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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mii Editors

The first computer based Mii editors have been released. One is on online flash based editor, while the other one is a Windows application. These editor programs will allow you to edit Mii's from binary files on your computer. Then you can use an application such as MiiTransfer or MiiMegaMall to copy those Mii's to your Wii.

Both of these tools are in their beta/alpha stages, so this is for testing purposes only. For more information on the Mii file structure check out the WiiBrew Wiki.


brett.iddon said...

haha. The random button on the flash creator is like an auto-alien creator for the star trek series.

Anthony said...

Ha awsome .. I defently need to get a bluetooth adapter

captaindopey494 said...

hey do i need a blue tooth adapter and if so where do i get them from and for how much?

sor for all the q's im a newbie to wii hacks

Gannon8 said...

Hello, captiandopey. I went on a google product search. The typical price for an adapter there is $15, but they (might) go lower on e-bay, buy.com, ect.

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