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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Homebrew Wii Blaster Mod

Check out this video submitted by: susieq50510 of a guy who built his own gun housing for the wiimote:

Thanks John M. for sending this in!


Scott said...

Wow...this guy lives like Pig Pen!!! Scary!

DrunkenTyger said...

LOL. Yeah. Nice work with gun mod, but maybe he should just spend the money on a commercial Wii Blaster and spend some time "modding" his room into a human habitat.

Paul said...

its such a pity this blog has died so much (and the modding community has a little too :( )

Patrick said...

This was almost completely painful to watch, not to mention the mod completely sucks. I don't think a nerd of this magnitude has ever gotten that many words in my ear.

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