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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Browser Update Info

Opera and Nintendo are planning the release for the final version of the browser for late March/early April. The browser is said to have the ability to do software updates, and there are rumors of keyboard support.

For more information and the full interview, go to play-nintendo.com


Rickie said...

Well, as long as a better version comes out soon and is still free, good stuff.

I mean, there's at least two sites you can use for tabs[although some kind of middle-click substitute should be implemented by Opera anyway...I like tabs and middle clicking in Firefox. ^-^;]

They keyboard possibility is interesting. I for one think that'd be great.

Smith said...


All long as it is still free I will be happy.

I will be interesting to see what the
Nintendo Wii browser will look like.

timmy said...

wat they need is a flash player

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