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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Setting up a Gamecube Development Workstation

KIWIDOGGIE has posted a tutorial on how to set up a Gamecube Development Environment. It is for people just getting started with Gamecube Development, and is just the basics of installing the homebrew SDK.

Basically you need to download and install devkitPro and libOGC, the Gamecube library from sourceforge:
SourceForge: devkitPro

Once your up and running, and assuming you have a modchip or Action Replay/SD method of booting Gamecube homebrew, you will be able to compile your own gamecube applications.

The homepage for libOGC can be found here: http://tehwii.tehskeen.com/

You will also want to visit the tehskeen forums for additional information on Gamecube Homebrew.

Read the full Gamecube SDK tutorial here

or this version from tehskeen

Note: Wii Homebrew is still unavailable. Nobody has reported being able to launch unsigned code, however a few hackers have some ideas on how it can be done.


MiyaWii said...

Nice tuto! Thx

MiyaWii said...


The guys at 24C3 got Wii homebrew running on 28th December 2007. So homebrew on Wii is now possible!

Also, USB Gecko is very interesting for Wii homebrew developers.

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