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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hack your Mii files to get special Mii's

David Hawley has posted lots of interesting observations about certain parts of .mii file that make special mii's with gold pants. Check it out here: http://www.davidhawley.co.uk/blog.aspx

Also if your intrested in Mii hacking you will want to check out Mii Editor.com and AJ's Mii Editor

All of this made possible by the hard work of wiidev and Mii Transfer and other open source wii developers around the world.


Migwel said...

You can see a mario and wario Mii at the start of wii sports boxing.
Maybe these are the what the speacial wiis are.

Rickie said...

Odd. ...gold pants hoorah!

Pokesomi said...

Wow. This is really sweet.

Smith said...

That's awesome! Good Frankburgers!

Nintendo Wii is the prefect system!

AJ said...

And I've updated my Mii Editor to let you know what color pants your Mii will have (also if it's going to become uneditable foreign [0xC0000000 - 0xDFFFFFFF range]).

Same place as usual.

Gannon8 said...

It is possible to get golden pants without the help of hacking. I think you need to have your mii visit 5 or 10 other wii's to get the golden pants. I know however that it is related to how many wiis your mii has been to.

cheapdanny said...

Amazing.. gold pants! nice job bro!

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