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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Internet Channel No Longer in BETA

The Internet Channel is out of beta, and a new download is available in the Shop Channel.

Nintendo and Opera has unleashed a new version of the beloved internet channel on the Nintendo Wii. It's new features include:

- Parental Control support
- Optional Internet content filter provided by Astaro (available soon)
- Improved start-up speed
- Clearer text when zoomed-in
- Improved Wii Remote navigation
- Improved scrolling and zooming
- Built-in search via Yahoo! or Google
- Option to hide Toolbar
- New cursor animations and operation sounds
- Ability to view page security information
- Option to delete cookies
- Built-in support manual
It sounds like the most useful feature is going to be the option to hide the toolbar. Finally we can watch fullscreen movies on the wii in the browser! I'm upset not to see usb/bluetooth keyboard support in this release, maybe next time? The parental features are useless because kids will find a way around them, but I guess Nintendo has to at least make an attempt.

UPDATE: The latest browser breaks some things like playing long flv video files. Developers are searching for workarounds. Check Pimpware.org and WiiCR.org for more info.


Gaspar "Shiggy" said...

...I've had the final version of the browser for a few days now... and it's not because I was a tester for that version.... It came out mid laster week.

Gannon8 said...

There is another feature in the update.

When you typed in a password, it would display it in the typing area until you pressed "OK." Now it has been censored there.

Leo said...

Yo, can anyone save the internet channel to a sd card and upload it....

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