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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lack of Wii Hacks

Sorry for the lack of Wii hacks, but the truth is, there is nothing new to report. The hype with the Wii seems to have died down a bit, and no new developments have been made in regards to executing arbitrary code on the Wii console. While I wait in hopes that someone will finally unlock this little white box, there an another little white box in my life now... The Apple TV. And this one is completely hackable

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Anonymous said...

wii news?

Ari said...

You could always start posting about the softwares that have been released, the "new" mod chips, official Wii updates (Like what they contain within), new accessories that rule, opensource modchips and software driven modchips...etc

Jim said...

This looks like something to report... wish they'd release it though.

Matthias said...

Wii Nand Chip has been dumped. Why don't you report sth like that... Maybe the dump brings us nearer to homebrew development!

Rain said...

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imfabs said...

This post isn't even right anymore, in the last week, the WAB team has dumped the wii NAND, DarkFader has supposedly desoldered and socketed the wii bios, and the openwii has dumped and released the wii NAND.

n0chance said...

i'd like to see some "game genie" hacks for wii games

helen said...

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