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Sunday, April 01, 2007

New Wii Accessory: Wii Helm

ThinkGeek has the scoop on Nintendo's latest Wii Accessory, the Wii Helm.

Product Features

  • Helmet based Wii Controller housing allows effortless handsfree game play
  • Perfect for Wii sports and works with all your favorite Wii games*
  • Frees your hands for other important tasks like eating, scratching, beer drinking, petting your dog or cat, nose picking and unwrapping birthday gifts
  • 4 frontal LEDs illuminate your surroundings while gaming in the basement at 3 am
  • Included Foot Pedals have all Wiimote Buttons, mapped to strategic toe areas
  • No danger of throwing Wiimote into TV with the WiiHelm's Saf-T-Lok technology
  • Includes: WiiHelm, Foot pedals, Cables, and Instruction Manual
  • Manufacturer Limited Warranty: 1 year

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James said...

April FoOols!!!

Lotti said...

yes! try to buy it and you'll know that is an 1st of april joke

Parabolee said...

Lame. Most obvious AFD prank ever!

SDtektiv said...

Even so, I thought this was really funny! I even put a link to the story in my Wii blog's sidebar.

Wokm4n said...

whahahah i wanted this xD

Eric said...

Why is this still the newest news on the site? Seems like this site is falling behind.

André said...

It could very well be real and usefull for people maimed, or with distrofy in the arms or any other impairment.

Alpha said...

I,m a Chinese girl,I laughed so hard.

Alpha said...

I,m a Chinese girl,I laughed so hard.

Rapier said...

Excuse me whoever is the maker of this blog plz hear me as i tell you a guy from http://wiitechnews.blogspot.com/ is called DavidBis, he is stealing your content and stuff.

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