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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wii Hacked - First Homebrew Demo

Even better than Hello World, the hackers at 24c3 have figured out how to run their own code on the Wii. By using what they call a 'tweaser' method, they were able to launch the Wii in Gamecube mode then trick the chips into dumping their contents. After rummaging through the dumps they were able to pull out the encryption keys and used a hole in Lego Star Wars cd to boot their own code. The app they demo in the video shows output coming from the Wii-Mote, proving that it is running in Wii mode and not in Gamecube mode.Previously all homebrew was done in GC mode where memory and hardware was limited. Now with access to the Wii mode, homebrew developers can begin to write apps that take advantage of all the hardware, including wiimote, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.

There are no additional details on when the information will be released so others may write their own apps from the wii. The next step is to get libraries built or obtain an sdk so more apps can begin to get ported to the Wii. It sounds like lots of work still needs to be done before we will see any useful applications come from the Wii homebrew scene, but 2008 is going to be a good year for wii hackers! Stay tuned@!

Read more:


Interview with the hacker who cracked the Wii


Additional Information from xiaNaix @ PSX-Scene:

* They got the wii keys, and we could use them without hacking our wii again.
* This hack requires a drive modchip to execute the code.
* There is not any tool to sign the code, but it’s coming soon.
* They are working to access to the SD thought EXI.
* There is not any stack homebrew for bluetooth
* A linux port for Wii will be released easily.


John said...

Hey MR LiquidIce. Your email address on your wii portal page is broken. I just emailed you my wii friendly web site and the email bounced back. You might want to go ahead and fix that.

Tristram said...

Why has there been absolutely not updates on this anywhere?

liquidsebbey said...

Why is there no update about the Wii hack? Why is there no source code or precise attack information (memory schedules) available? How to compile this? How to execute?...!!! Where is Wiili or a new homebrew-channel?

Kuikka said...

Would it be possible to create boot disc that would circle around the region protection that Wii has?

Borat said...

Greetings. My name Borat. I from Kazahkstan and I have Wii! High-Five! I like very much to play with your special tv i see YouTube make. You are like hero to me. P.S. Please make Killer Instinct port for Wii because the nintindo people suck very much and I like to beat people up with cinder. Thank you and have great day!

Jack & Annett said...

Wow is this legal. :-) lol

Dan Ponjican said...

Any updates on this?


maynzie said...

is it really legal to hacka wii, i mean couldnt you just get access to http://www.goarticles.com/cgi-bin/showa.cgi?C=1294893 Unlimited Wii downloads or something?

nileshn said...

i really can't understand why people hack systems.. instead they should develop their own systems and market their own stuff... hacking will make nintendo loose interest in development of nintendo wii.. read more at www.pswii.com

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