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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Injecting code into the Wii using the Nintendo DS or Wii-Mote

There is some talk about DS to Wii Interaction. Since the DS has already been hacked every which way, it may be possible to write code for the DS that will send data to the Wii to unlock arbitrary code execution. So far no games have been released which support the DS to Wii functionality, so we will have to keep this idea on the backburner for now.

Also, as development on the wii-mote progresses developers are desperately trying to figure out if there is a way to put their own code into the memory of the wiimote. Since the contents of the Wiimote's memory can be sent back to the Wii, there is the possibility of arbitrary code execution through that route as well.

Also, Excite Truck allows you to play MP3s off the SD card. All of the usual tricks failed or are ignored, no luck there...


Elyscape said...

Since the contents of the Wiimote's memory can be sent back to the Wii, there is the possibility of arbitrary code execution through that route as well.

If this works, why even bother with that step? Why not just write a program to emulate the Wiimote? My reasoning is that it would be difficult to put 4KiB of code on the Wiimote, execute it on the Wii, and then somehow make the Wii wait for the Wiimote to get MORE code... which would require, of course, repairing of the Wiimote to some other device and then back to the Wii. However, by making a computer emulate a Wiimote, you don't need to do any of that. Instead, you can just say, "HI, MR. WII! HAVE A BUNCH OF CODE!"

LiquidIce said...

Fair enough, it's speculation, but the idea would be to crash something in the mii channel (because you can save and load mii's to the wiimote).
Once crashed maybe load the rest off the sd card.? Or maybe a Mii can be created with invalid data that Crashes Wii Sports or some other Mii related game.

Also being able to modify the data in the remote means we can probably transfer mii's through the internet finally, and possibly even unlock mii graphics that are not available in the mii creator. While this may not be the almighty shell exploit that opens the floodgates to homebrew, it's definitely an interesting topic.

So, since you brought it up, what would be involved with emulating a wiimote? For that matter how can one even make a connection to the bluetooth in the wii? It is not discoverable, it can only discover other devices?

Elyscape said...

Once somebody figures out how to store data on the Wiimote, I'm going to do some experimentation with corrupt Miis and the Mii Channel.
As for emulating a Wiimote, I don't think it'd be that difficult. Once the Wiimote protocol is documented, it should be relatively easy to whip up a program to send whatever you want, as well as respond properly to queries from the system itself.
As for making the connection to the Wii, my understanding is that the Wii, when you hit the sync button, looks around for discoverable devices, determines what's a Wiimote (by the device name), and connects to one. Once we figure out the protocol for associating Wiimotes with consoles, it'll be rather trivial to make a program that becomes discoverable with a proper name and then interacts with the Wii properly.

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