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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wii Web Browser

From: http://www.cubed3.com/news/5329

Is this Wii browser set for launch across all territories and how much will it cost?

SH: Yes, I believe Nintendo announced that Wii will be available in November 2006 and will cost less than $250. You will not have to buy Opera as an external item, as it will be available within Wii upon purchase. There is not a separate cartridge as there is for the DS.

My Wii does not have a web browser. Also none of the weather or news buttons work? It says I need an update but when I update it says I have the latest. Did I do something wrong? Or is everyone just waiting for them to enable this?

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According to Nintendo (http://us.wii.com/channel_menu.jsp)

Forecast and News Channels will be released in the coming months

Forecast: Dec 20th
News: Jan 27th

No dates have been set for the release of the wii's opera web browser.

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jytseng said...

According to Nintendo (http://us.wii.com/channel_menu.jsp)

Forecast Channel available Dec 20, 2006

News Channel available Jan 27, 2007

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