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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Latest update fixes Shop Channel - Site Updates

Please be advised that the latest update for the Wii blocks DNS redirection for the Wii Shop Channel, do if you are developing something and do not want to lose browser access do not install the update. And so begins the arms race between wii hackers and nintendo... With quick turnaround time like that you can be sure that Nintendo is going to put up a good fight to make sure people are not downloading their games for free.

UPDATE: SiteDude of WiiModWii suggested that people who do not want to download Wii updates add the following hostname to their DNS so that firmware updates will not automatically download: ccs.shop.wii.com

As a reminder this site does not condone anything related to the act of getting Nintendo Wii or Virtual console games for free. Please do not post anything of this nature in the comments. If someone else has posted these materials, please notify me, liquidice629 at gmail.com

The 'Hacks' in the title refers to tinkering with the Wii to get it to do things it was not meant to do, and making modifications to the hardware and software to allow execution of user created wii homebrew applications. If you would like to contribute an article to the site, or if you have information that has not been discussed on here related to hacking the wii, contact me: liquidice629 at gmail.com

Finally thanks for all of the webmasters who have linked me. I will be creating some better linking materials to send to you soon. If you have a established Wii hacking related site and would like to see it listed here, drop me an email.


elicct said...

How are they doing this? Bypassing dns and going straight to the ip?

skibur said...

Is it possible to download the Nintendo firmware via MITM TEchnique?

Sven said...

Just wanna comment about your thanks and stuff- your blog owns, and I read it every day to look for cool new Wii hacks. Even though I don't own a Wii, I covet those who do and I'm determined to stay on top of the Wii hacking scene. Needless to say, when I get a Wii, I will be tinkering with it- but I digress.

Thanks for your awesome blog man!

LiquidIce said...

It is possible that they are using a whitelist. Others have suggested it all uses https now and certin certs are required for it to make the connection.

Other people have mentioned that the game manuals and WiiConnect24 TOS page are both some kind of browser applet, so there may be teh possibility of loading your own web content in those areas as well.

Maroam said...

Well I just got the Wii but have not got the time to even open the box, cuz of finals, and the new final fantasy game is too addicting on my ps3. but I still don’t know what this hack dose.
And what if I want to get the browser so I would not have to pay for it, would it make me up date my Wii so I would not be able to use the hack?

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