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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wii Shopping Channel Hacked

Here are instructions to get a somewhat working web browser on the Nintendo Wii by redirecting the content of the Wii Shopping Channel.

Basically you would download Simple DNS or another DNS server package and redirect oss.shop.wii.com to the ip address of your choice.


For example, to do it in Simple DNS Plus:

Download and Install Simple DNS Plus from: http://www.jhsoft.com/

Launch Simple DNS Plus and goto Tools -> Edit DNS Records

In the DNS records goto tools --> Quick Domain Wizard

In the domain field type "oss.shop.wii.com"

for the webserver ip type in the ip of the website in as the "Web Server IP"
(if you want to find out the ip goto cmd prompt and type ping sitename.com)

For example, Google's IP is

Erase the secondary DNS Server and press OK

Now, on the Wii

Goto the Wii Menu -> Wii Settings -> Internet -> Connection Settings ->
Chose your connection -> Change settings
Click next 3 times until you get to the DNS setup
Click Advanced Settings

Then enter the primary DNS as your computers IP address of the computer running Simple DNS

Finally, click ok and launch the Shopping Channel, it should bring up google now!

Source: WiiModWii


This works, well, kinda.

It does load the Google Homepage, and all links within the main www.google.com domain are clickable. I quickly tested a flash page, but it did not load, just a white box. There is also a loading widget that goes in front of the screen and will not go away. I suppose some Javascript can get rid of it.

There is no onscreen keyboard that pops up when you select a textbox, hopefully it can be triggered with some javascript as well..?

Next step is for someone to get the urls and header information the wii shopping channel browser uses and try to see if you can access the wii shopping pages on your pc. Then we will be able to see what kind of javascript or other types of applets are used to display the wii shopping channel.

Also going to try out how it handles file downloads. Will post back with updates.

Nice find wiimodwii! Lets get crackin on some Wii homebrew fellow web developers.

Work is underway to create a Wii Portal page similar to the PSP Portals that popped up back in the day when the Wipeout Pure Browser Hack was discovered on the PSP.

To disable the spinning 'loading' widget you must include this code in your webpage:

var shop = new wiiShop();
function wiiStartWaiting()
if (shop != null && "beginWaiting" in shop) {
function wiiStopWaiting()
if (shop != null && "endWaiting" in shop) {

UPDATE: I have the wiiKeyboard and wiiSound Objects working!! Sample Code here:
Wii Shopping Channel Hack


DoctorMcShizzle said...

is there a way to get onto the japanese shop channel? we could download the japanese games, or atleast see what they have.

Sega said...

Yeah, I'd love to be able to look at the Japanese channel as well. I have another question... does anyone know the ports Wii uses when going to the shop channel? It's my last hope of even accessing the shop channel from home.

a-dizzle said...

ok so after you download and install simple dns, and change all those settings will any of that change the way my computer will act? because i dont want my family to be without their internet. please help.

DoctorMcShizzle said...

No it shouldn't do anything to the internet or your computer.

Chris said...

how exactly do you get it back to wii shop channel or if you can do a switch between shop and internet like do you have to change3 the dns ports and ips all over again if so that thats gonna suck

DoctorMcShizzle said...

you can have up to 3 connection types, make on the dns connection and have another one just regular.

Smith said...

I had no Idea that you could have up to three connection types with the Nintendo Wii. Thanks!

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