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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wii Shopping Channel - Opera Javascripts - Wii Buffer Overflows

Some new information about the browser hacking going on inside the Wii's Shopping channel:

There is a piece of code found in the shopping channel:
var ec = new ECommerceInterface ();

The problem is that the code for ECommerceInterface isn't found in any of the .JS files. This leads me to believe the code is somehow stored in the Wii itself.

Source: FunWithWii

While we do not support trying to download games for free, it is extremely interesting how these Javascript functions are included in the browser itself so that they are availible in every page displayed and not in the source of the pages served up from Nintendo.

Has anyone tried to access urls with file:// or others?

On the PSP we were able to access some of the flash file system by using different internal addresses. The full PSP thread which talks about overflowing the buffer and the internal addresses via the wipeout browser dns hack can be found here:

OK I've got the on-screen keyboard and sounds working!

Updated Code posted here


Anonymous said...

How do we input the code into the wii? Where does it go?

LiquidIce said...

You need to setup a web server and host html files that have that code, then redirect the dns so your wii points to your computers webserver instead of nintendo. There are instructions posted on this blog a few days ago, start there, or wait for the developers to make this easier to do, which is bound to happen within the next few days once we get the last few kinks worked out.

Anonymous said...

I'll look for that post. I have webspace and am actually setting up a proxy on it now to see if I can make it so I only have to redirect one DNS. I'll tell you how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm on a shared server, so no cigar.

Matt said...

I've gotten all the redirects to work thru my fedora machine so far with little issue. I'm not sure what the deal with with following a link from the page though. When I click a link I automagically get the 601 error. Almost makes me wonder if the broswer is set to ignore anything other than wii.com and keep you from doing what we are trying.

Anonymous said...

It is, if you set up a proxy it works fine. http://mozy.org/wii/ a package is there.

skibur said...

How can I redirect using dnsmasq on my linux box?

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