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Sunday, November 26, 2006

More Wii-Mote Hacking

I figured out a little trick with the wii-mote last night. The wii-mote is paired with the Wii, so you usually will not see it when you do a bluetooth 'discover all devices' on the PC.

But, If you press buttons 1 and 2 at the same time on the bottom of the wiimote it puts it into a discovery mode where the lights on the bottom are blinking. Now if you try to discover nearby devices on your pc you should see the wii-mote and can attempt to pair it.

UPDATE 11/26/06 5PM:
You can also put it into discovery mode by pressing the sync button under the battery cover. The remote doesn't actually have a passkey, however once it is connected, the 3 services it advertises are non standard bluetooth services. Until someone writes a wii-mote driver we can't do much with this hardware.

For specifics on the Wii's Bluetooth check out
WiiLii Wii Bluetooth Wiki Entry
WiiLi Wimote Driver Wiki

UPDATE 11/26/06 3AM:

Progress has been made! some developers have made the initial connection to the bluetooth remote and can now control the LEDS and force feedback.

The developer has posted a patch for getting bluetooth communication working and even posted a little script that makes the lights on the remote dance.

If you want to help you can join in on the conversation here on the Wiili forum.

UPDATE 11/26/06 11AM

Looks like it's time to break out the Math books, Andy on the Wiili forums has figured out
how to log linear force data.

They have begun to write the algorithms which will be used to detect movement, speed and rotation of the wii-mote when it is connected to a pc or mac.

* Linear force data can be logged using a SET_REPORT HID request on Output channel 12. The first parameter is a force feedback parameter while the second must be 31. Some other 3X numbers work for the 2nd parameter and do different things, but I'm not sure what exactly. Logging can be turned back off using 30. (example to turn logging on: 52 12 02 31) When logging data data with 31 the last 3 bytes of data represent the forces with ~80 being 0 force. The 1st bit represents the side to side force, the 2nd is the lengthwise force and the 3rd is the up-down force.


Corbin said...

erm, i figured this out pretty fast, albeit with a different meth. under battery cover is a sync button, does same thing. also, ive had success pairing with no passkey (macbook intel dual core osx 4.8)

Chris said...

Yeah, using my PC's bluetooth adapter I just connected to it without it needing a passkey. There's no functionality once you connect, but connecting is not the hard part.It installs itself as a HID compliant joystick or something.

Carl said...

The article writer is a fool. There is no password needed. The "password" in the other article was one the computer generated and wanted to enter into the Wiimote. That is just because they chose the wrong settings or used a stupid program. Other Mac and PC users have got it pairing.

HID is an easy protocol to reverse engineer. I'd do it if wiimotes had been released in my country.

LiquidIce said...

carl, where do you live? I have an extra wii-mote i might be willing to part with in exchange for some drivers... :-)

Carl said...

Hi liquidice, I live in Australia. Wiis (and thus wiimotes?) should be out later this week, but I don't know if they will sell out. I don't know if it is possible to preorder a wiimote or not, so I haven't done so.
Anyway, email me at carl.kenner@gmail.com
I think other people have worked out enough of the protocol for me to make some sort of driver, so I'll send you stuff to test if you want.

Josh said...

do u think u could get it to work with the ps3 since it has bluetooth capabilities?

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