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Friday, December 01, 2006

Wii Modchip Scams

Beware of scammers trying to sell you a Wii Modchip. Nothing like this exists yet, and you will be getting ripped off.

There are some pics of the chip posted here but I can assure you that these chips do not exist yet and will not help you hack your wii.


Jeremy said...

Thats actually a gamecube mod chip. I don't understandy why people are always trying to rip off others.


Mythgarr said...

Jesus says "dont be a dick"

HyperHacker said...

Hell, it sounds like someone just copied a Gamecube modchip page and replaced "Gamecube"/"GCN" with "Wii". We have Wii Independence Exploit, WiiLoader, etc.

Craig said...

Hello all. I completely agree with you that people are being dup'd into thinking there is a Wii mod available. BUT I'd like to point out one section from the link that the admin posted.

Current Progress: The GameCube part of the Wii has been hacked - you can load unsigned code - DOL files using Action Replay CD + SD Loader. Wii side of the console will a lot harder to hack to do to constant updates from Nintendo.

That is, their selling/promoting a modchip for the Gamecube capabilities of the Wii, not for the Wii side of things. Which makes this mod useless.

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