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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Customize your Wii and Controllers

I was just checking out some of the links I have on this site and noticed DecalGirl has posted some new Wii skins. Here are a few of the ones I really liked:

I posted a review of the skin process a while ago. I'm really happy with my skin, and to this day it still looks great on my Wii.

In case you missed it here is my hands on review of the Nintendo Wii Skinning process:

I decided to try out these Nintendo Wii Skins from decalgirl to make sure that my visitors were not getting ripped off.

I have to say that I'm very impressed with the quality and the simplicity of applying a skin to my Wii.

I took pictures of the process, which reminded me of those things called 'Colorforms' that i used to play with when I was a kid. The decals come printed out on a sheet already precut to fit the wii perfectly. All of the notches lined up without a problem. The decal is sticky but not THAT sticky, meaning if you mess up, you can easily peel it off and start over.
The first time I tried to apply the big decal on the side I was left with a huge air bubble, so i took it completely off and started over. The second time around I applied the decal slowly making sure to press out all of the air bubbles as I applied it. If there are any additional air bubbles left after you install it you can easily press them out with your fingers. There is no smearing, so you will not ruin the decal by rubbing out the air bubbles with your finger.

I applied the pieces one by one to the Wii, then
did the same thing for the Wii-Mote. The wii-mote part was slightly harder to do because of the tiny holes for the LED's and slots for the speaker.

Since it's basically just a big sticker, you do not have to open your wii, or void the warantee to install these. No tools were necessary, just some stable hands and some time.

When all was said and done, the process took me about 20 minutes, and I'm extremely pleased with the results. So much in fact that I just placed another order with DecalGirl for skins as gifts for my friends/family who also have the Wii.

Order your Wii Skins Here.


Johannes said...

I thought this site was fast, clean and neutral while concentrating only on the major news.

I guess I was wrong. :/ Removed your RSS-feed.

BTW: http://www.ps2-scene.org/forums/showthread.php?t=51603

LiquidIce said...

Give me a break it's been slow with news lately. Thanks for the link!

f|uke said...

While not wii hacking, this is relivant to wii modding. I dont think this story is extraneous at all.

My question to LI is this,. do these stickers inhibit the ability to dismantle the wii?

forrest said...

This is not modding your Wii. This is putting stickers on it.

f|uke said...

No different then adding lights or painting or whatever else falls under the modification catagory.

Modding may often reffer to modchips, but it also reffers to any cosmetic or functional modification.

For the most part I think cosmetic modding is a waste of time. But because this is just 'putting stickers on it', I'm tempted.

butlimous said...

nice idea! thanks for the nice post..

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