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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wii Sticks Physics Simulation

On the WiiLi Forums, walaber , has posted about his Wii Sticks Demo Application. He writes:
I have been playing around with the Wii remote lately, and this is my first prototype combining Wii remote input + physics! It's a virtual version of a toy, where you flick a stick back and forth between other sticks.

created with the Ogre 3D rendering engine, and Newton Game Dynamics physics engine... Wii remote input via cWiiMote library.

Check out the video below:

Download the demo app from here


zon7 said...

Which library do you use for physics simulation?

Alistair said...

Very cool mate, I like it a lot.

Made me think about the possiblities of getting a yo-ho diabolo simulation happening :)


Edgar said...

i dont get it... how can i launch this?

Mario said...

yo can you make this game FOR the wii? not the PC? I mean, could you make a vedrsion where you can upload it via SD card and play ON the wii?

Hacker01 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hacker01 said...

I'm not much of a Wii hacker (at the moment), nor a software hacker (Wiki before calling me a fake/idiot/wannabe), but according to that screenshot, can't you use the nunchuck controller as well? It would be cheaper to do so.

Anonymous said...

i tried downloading this from the link at the top, the site gives info on what it is but not how to get the wii-motes working with the pc, also when i open the .exe it says d3dx9_30.dll was not found and it cant load the program

ron said...

I am having the same prob. as alex, does someone know where I can download the libraries needed (i think it's MSVC 8.0 according to to readme)

TerrorBite said...

d3dx9_30.dll is the DirectX 9 Direct3D DLL file. You need to install the most recent version of DirectX, probably 9.0c. You can find this on Microsoft's website.

That's an awesome project, I'd love to try it out. Is it easy to handle the "sticks"? I'd imagine it'd be a bit hard since your "hands" (where the Wiimotes are shown on the screen) aren't in the same physical location as your hands. Although you'd probably get used to it after a bit.

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