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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wiimote Laser Tag

Carl Kenner, inspired by another member's idea on the WiiLi forums has posted the first version of a Laser Tag script for Glovepie.

A bluetooth enabled XP computer, 2 wii motes, and a wearable sensor allow you to play 'laser tag' with a friend using wii motes as your guns.

Get the code here


BHSPitMonkey said...

Wow, it's just like real Laser Tag -- within a 10m radius of a computer...

It's still neat in concept, though.b

Rune said...

lol. What i wanna know is, how do the wiimotes act as laser tag guns? I thought the wii-motes were receivers of infra red signal, not senders?

Josh said...

It works backwards, you press a button, and the remote checks to see if it can see IR. Or you could just point the thing at a candle... your enemies screwed.

Sean said...

Come to think of it, Photon worked in reverse too.. the phasers received IR from the targets.

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