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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wii Modchip announced: Wiinja

I don't know if it's real, and I don't plan on getting one, but word on the street is that a Wii modchip has been released. It's main purpose is to play copied games.. or 'backups' if you will.

If it opens the doors to homebrew (before Nintendo does officially) then i'm excited, but otherwise it's only good for the thieves or for people who want to make a backup copy of their game disc, and play off that (keeping the original disc safely stored away in it's case)

Watch: A video of this new device in action


LiquidIce said...

Please do not post links to any material that would get you in trouble. Google has your IP address.

Johannes said...

Google has my IP address? Google owns my ass.

But anyways. This chip is only for backups. Only. No homebrew, no nothing. Just pure piracy.
I'm not interested though since I want to check out games from other regions as well and that would be my main reason to get a chip. That and VC-Games for free.

Also the price (40€) is too high for something that requires no brainwork or expensive hardware to develop or produce.

And on another note - this marks the end of the Nintendo Wii. This chip can be cloned for a few cents a piece and 5 points can be soldered by anyone. :/

Raafat said...

the chip is real this site installed one


Quinton said...

YAY!!! now i can get my games backed up b4 my niece and nephew kill my cds

imfabs said...

Yeah.. because the ability to pirate has killed all those other consoles before...

And liquidice, lol what? Google has my ip address? Ah, no crap, as does every single website I visit, but unless I'm putting up kiddie porn it's pretty damn unlikely that they're going to do anything with it.

My ip address identifies my ISP, not me, given my ip addy my ISP could then identify me, but not without a court order.
I can't see any agency's chasing me through 6 layers of government across two country's and two large company's all for posting a link to where to get a mod chip for a console.

Besides which since when are mod chips illegal? Pretty damn certain they're not where I am... and shouldn't be anywhere, you're modifying hardware that you own.

Aside from all that, I'm not getting one because I have no interest in copying games and it looks like nintendo is going to provide for the only reason that I would mod my console (homebrew) :-)

Ari said...

I have a feeling that this is not the best that a mod-chip for the Wii could be so I'm not gonna get one. Now while I do prefer running off of backups so that I don't screw up my originals, I don't think having an inferior product is worth it.

Peter said...

While I'm pretty sure that this is a real product, did anyone else notice that there was a tape in the VCR portion of the TV during the whole time?

martha said...

Its good to see the new launch of wii modchip , I am desperately waiting for this gaming gadget only.
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