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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wii Internet Music Players

Your Wii can now tune and and listen to streaming internet radio stations!
Check it out on your Wii Browser.

finetune is a free online music player run by survivors of the original Napster, Gigabeat, and Listen.com. They have developed a special wii player for their service, and it looks great on the tv!


Composer said...

can http://www.pandora.com/ work to??

timelf123 said...

I tried it the day I got my Wii (2 weeks ago) but it went into a refresh loop... its no go as of now


Shane said...

Yeah, pandora is the holy grail for me as far as the wii browser is concerned. I'm hoping against hope that it starts working in the full version.

JD said...

I wanted to play my own mp3 files but couldn't. I had to rely on webradios or to install radio.blog, which was boring and not Wii-adapted.

I've created software that makes it possible to play mp3 songs from a webserver, simply by scanning a directory. It's basic and straightforward, the Wii way. I tried to make it easy to use without scrolling, either horizontal or vertical (provided one has a small enough playlist) and I took care of the design, because it has to be easily manipulable by a Wiimote.

Just upload a few files to an apache open directory (or, secret directory with no index.html/php file) and enjoy :)

You can also create a URL listing of all the files you want, upload it somwewhere and give it to the software, which will take care :)

It's available here : http://joachim.desoutter.org/wiiplayer/ and I hope people will appreciate it (it was at the origins a hack for my personal use, but I tried to make it as usable as possible :))


Joachim D.

Smith said...

That's amazing! I had no idea that the Nintendo Wii had that feature!

chris.webb said...

nice one JD but orb does the same - www.orb.com

Flame said...

MP3 streaming across the network is possible using an HTTP Server (such as Apache) and Flash to grab the file. Using Windows Networking is not possible until homebrewed software is enabled; the Wii would require a port of Samba which may not even be possible with homebrew support. If Apache and PHP is running on a Linux computer, on demand transcoding is possible for OGG, WAV, and FLAC.

izzy4505 said...

Don't forget to check out WiiMusic.net as well! Similar to WiiHear.com, with a nicer interface and more stations.

Michael said...

You can run Winamp as well their new version allows internet access to your MP3s, simply install it on your laptop / desktop and make sure it has a constant internet connection then go to the winamp online web page enter your user name and password that you setup when you registure and hey presto you can access all your mp3s on your wii tv

Cool huh!?

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