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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wii Bot - a sword-wielding, tennis-playing, WiiMote-controlled robot

OK, ok, they've beat me. My wii-mote controlled smarthome is cool, but this wii-more controlled robot arm is freaking sick!

Two guys wrote some addon software for glovepie that allows them to record gestures. By performing those gestures with the wiimote, it activates their robotic arm to start a maneuver. They strapped a sword and a tennis racket to it's hand and took a video of it swinging the sword and hitting tennis balls. Check out the video:

Read more at their website: usmechatronics.com


Anonymous said...

Some people just have alot of time on there hands when in reality they could spend more time on there Wii.


nancybui said...

I love playing Wii. It’s so fun. Usually I get nauseas playing video games but I can stand playing this. My favorite is the boxing because win a lot. I’m working on the baseball because I can never get a home run. Don’t worry I’ll be Mr. 3000 in no time. Practice makes perfect

BEERBEAt&BEASt said...

Hi i have a quesion. in the terms of the contract we acceptED TO use the globepie console.IT says that anybody can use it for military porpuse. why this men are using it with a robot?? WHY ARE THEY USING IT and with a sword?¿?¿? sorry about my english

Grupcu said...


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