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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wii DVD Tool - Firmware read/write

Wii Scene Newz is reporting that a tool has been released that will allow you to read and write to the Wii's DVD drive (it's memory area which contains the DVD drive firmware) via a serial port on a linux computer.

This opens up the possibility of replacing the firmware in the Wii's DVD drive which could potentially open another way of getting homebrew to run on the Wii.

Nobody yet knows how far they have taken this already, this tool is simply a tease of what's to come. Source code has not yet been released.


Diego López said...

A little bit closer to "homebrew" applications ^o^

Simon van de said...

Where is that serial port located exactly anyway?

rOyskoppp said...

Where is that serial port located exactly anyway?

The serial port is what used to be the "mouse" port connection (before the PS/2 port was the standard... before USB mice).

It comes usually as a DB9 connector (which should actually be DE9 but WTH). You can see pictures at the wikipedia page:

captcha: rqjec
p.s. I hate when I cant post as anonymous...

Florent said...


great news

Doomangel said...

Liquid: You've not seen the new news? Wiinja chip has been announced!

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