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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mii Mega-Mall 2.0

SWiitPii really took the Mii sharing idea to the next level. He has just released Mii Mega Mall 2.0. He writes:
"One thing almost every Nintendo Wii owner has in common is an overwhelming attraction to Mii characters. Mii sharing is huge, but the mechanism that Nintendo has provided for exchanging Mii is clunky and slow. That's where we come in. Utilizing the brilliant MiiTransfer technology, we have built the first and only integrated solution to Mii sharing. That solution is the Mii Mega-Mall."

This software allows you to easily transfer Mii's from the internet to your WiiMote (using your computer's bluetooth adapter) to the Wii Console. The software taps into all of the Major Mii downloading websites to being you the latest and greatest Celebrity Mii's and other user submitted Mii characters.

Also, I have heard that progress is being made on figuring out what each bit of a .Mii file means, and how to manipulate the features of the mii by modifying the file. I suspect soon we will see a Mii creator software or API that can generate .mii files dynamically. While this many not be entirely useful to the average user, it will be great for SWiitPii and other website operators such as MiiPlaza and WiiModWii Transfer Station to be able to include an actual image of what the Mii looks like next to each listing.

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Anthony said...

Awesome news =]. What Id like to hear is transferable mii's over wifi or email. Now that would be awesome.

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