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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wii Flash Game Demonstration Video

WiiCade has put together a great video demonstration of Wii Compatible Flash games available on their website. Check it out:


Ari said...

The games there aren't bad...very simplistic, but they work really well for the Wii...its like getting WarioWares through an internet connection for free!

Jon said...

In addition, these games work great with a tablet pc. But, I love the wii support as well.

Ben said...

Surely the Wii support is Primary, Joe, therefore, its "I love these on the Wii, but the tablet pc compatibility is great too, or something?"

Ben said...

I obviously meant jon...oops

segadult said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
segadult said...

LiquidIce... I've looked all over your blogs for some way to contact you, but I can't find any email address or "submit news form" at all.

I just wanted to show you the video for Colocoro, using the Wiimote on PC.


So responsive!

Zak said...

anyone know what the music to this video is or the composer ect it's a pretty awesome song anything would be awesome.

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