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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Control your Computer From the Wii

One of the members of WiiModWii.com's forums has posted a nice little howto on getting logmein's service to work on the wii. Logmein is a remote access application similar to VNC or MS Remote Desktop, but it works through a web browser.

This method requires a manual refresh (probably because the Wii is bad at processing progressive images, as I found out with the Axis IP Security Cameras), so it's not really seamless, but it can be useful if you want to access your computer from another room to change the MP3 playing, or to do a quick checkup on an app running on your main pc.

Step-by-Step instructions for using LogMeIn with the Wii can be found here


Nicholas said...

I am the one that made this.

Anonymous said...

your mum is the one that made this.

Gannon8 said...

the "Step-by-step instructions" link is broken. And I cannot load the app. It asks me for the username and pass and after I hit "OK" it redirects me to the CPU selection page with a bar saying "Your session has timed out during the load" or something like that.

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