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Thursday, December 07, 2006

PulseVU - Nintendo Wii Hardware Mod - Custom LED Effects

This is one of the first hardware mods I have seen for the Wii. These guys have created a little module that does different effects with the blue LEDs on the Wii Disc Drive such as playing along with the music. Maybe this video explains it better:

From their website: SICKmods

How can I install a PulseVU into my Wii?

We will be selling manufactured units at this site by the end of the weekend, for just $20. If you're a programmer, you can instead build your own with the soon to be released source code and schematics.


Dorian said...

pretty cool

Nick"Reggie" said...

Could you please contact me at K4P741NKRUNCH@gmail.com when these become available for sale?

Thank you

Aurash Mahbod said...

you are all retards, it does that when you have a new message from a friend. there is no mod to do that, it ALREADY does that!

Aaks said...

Cool one indeed.

Anonymous said...

Aurush, you are the retard. Sure, it pulses when you get a message, but did it ever occur to you that some people might want the light to be on even when they DON'T have a new message? OMG NO WAI!!!!!!!!

Arash said...

Sorry Chelsea, the only retard here is you! Aurash never claimed that people do or don't want a permanent "light on" solution. He is meerly pointing out that this claim of a "hardware mod" is incorrect and a fraud. I;m not sure why you decided to get up in his face for no good reason and that you were trying to disprove a claim that he never made. Relax next time, you idiot.

Saleh said...

You're both idiots...especially aurash. Of course it's a hardware mod, how the hell do you think they got it to respond and pulse to audio?


Andrew said...

Lol, wow, you guys are arguing over the internet. You're so cool, e-penis + 2"

synace said...

they hooked it up to a sound sensor for pulsing on bass hits. i've got one in my regular computer case.

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SICK said...

This mod is now available. Full details at http://wii.sickmods.net

Qaz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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