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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

WiiPress - Wii Plugin for Wordpress blogs

Attention bloggers, this one is for you...

The WordPress Wii Edition Plugin is a plugin that automatically renders an optimized version of your blog when visitors come to your blog on a Nintendo Wii running the Opera browser. Wii’s are automatically detected, there is no configuration needed.

Why is this plugin useful?
Webpages on the Wii are hard to view on default zoom and on many pages (designed wider then 800 pixels) you will have to scroll from side to side. In addition, font sizes that work on a computer screen don’t render well on a TV screen. As such we put together this plugin to make our favorite blogs a bit easier to read.

Download WiiPress


Hmm anyone know how I can achieve the same thing with the new Blogger beta?


Matthew said...

Give me the link to the plugin and i'll take a look at it for u

Matthew said...

okay this template is heavily dependant on Wordpress's ability to switch it's template. The problem is that in Blogger you only have 1 template so it is a lot different from wordpress. I'm going to look into figuring out how to force it to change your template for just Wii's or have a second area of the template for your the Wii. E-mail me at matt(at)games-gadgets.com and i'll try to help u out some more

Mickey said...

You can view screen shots of it in action, here:


or go to http://www.WiiNintendo.net on a PC, then on the Wii (I have the plugin installed) works great!

PimpMyNintendo said...

this plug looks pretty neat. i'm glad someone took time to make wordpress honor the Wii :)

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