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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Linux Wii-Mote Driver

The final driver to complete Wii-Mote takeover on the computer has been posted for public consumption. e-Hernick has released python source code to use the Wii-Mote as a mouse in linux X.Org.

This completes the Wii-Mote's tour of each Operating System. There is now wii-mote driver for osx, wii-mote driver for linux, and wii-mote driver for windows. Needless to say, if you don't already have a wii-mote what are you waiting for?

People are already playing half-life with their wii-motes, and making music. What can yours do? If you have a cool Wii related hack and would like to see it on this page drop me an email: liquidice629 at gmail.com


jasenj1 said...

I wouldn't really call these "drivers". They aren't REAL drivers, they're apps that generate OS events - like keypresses or mouse movements. They aren't kernel or OS level components that are drivers in the traditional sense.

Bob Somers said...

Very true. I can't wait until a REAL, full-fledged driver becomes available. It would simplify a lot of things.

Jason said...

plus they arent nearly complete without the pointer support and distance-from-tv, speaker output, nunchuck adapter support, etc.

DavidR said...

The linux driver has pointer support, using the IR sensor. And I don't think a kernel-mode driver is needed, it makes things more complicated when they don't need to be.

jasenj1 said...

I hope folks got the OS X "drivers" and cloned the wiili wiki while they could. The DarwiinRemote and Wiili sites seem to have melted into a pile of goo from all the hits generated by the recent publicity.

Let's hope they're able to do some good work while their new servers are delivered.

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