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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wii-mote 'driver' for linux updated

WMD is a python script for linux that will allow you to comminucate with the wiimote and fully supports motion data, IR pointer functionality and button presses. e-Hernick, the WMD author can explain it better:

actually there is a lot more..
It has advanced, multi-mode, adaptive, distance-dependent, predictive, smoothed pointer control.
It has advanced, fully scriptable graphing capabilities for accelerometer data
As well as primitive motion analysis
The ability to map any Wiimote button to any key, key combination or mouse button.
The ability to configure all the parameters that tweak every algorithm

Also from the website:

-WMD is a Linux Driver for the Nintendo Wii Remote
-WMD lets you use the Wiimote as a mouse
-WMD lets you use the Wiimote as a keyboard
-WMD lets you use the Wiimote as a vibrator
-WMD is dangerous and experimental
-WMD could make your Wii explode!
WMD has been greatly improved over the last few days, with live graphing and gesture graphing support! Get it now at http://www.ForTheWiiN.org

Sounds great! Thanks for all of your hard work e-Hernick!

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Anonymous said...

the link is down! Please advise.

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