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Friday, December 22, 2006

Wii Browser Details and Tricks

After downloading a 26mb file, which will use up 230 blocks on your wii, the browser channel will show up in your wii menu.

Once you launch it you are presented with a window where you can type in any url, or navigate to your favorites.

Controller Buttons:
You can get to the favorites page by pressing the 1 button on the wii-mote.

The 2 button on the wiimote puts the browser into a large text viewing mode. it reformats the pages so that it is readable and fits on the tv.

The browser supports Flash. It is a version of Flash player 7, and it supports sendAndLoad(). This means lots of fun client/server flash applications can be developed.

Both YouTube and Google Video play on the Wii Web Browser Internet Channel.

I have gotten audio streaming with orb.com but the flash video from there does not seem to work yet. I will keep trying. The author of WiiCR is also making improvements to his software to allow realtime transcoding of your video files to a flash format that is compatible with the wii web browser. Expect an update on that later today.

This browser is sure to open up a flood of new and fun homebrew games, apps, and proof-of-concept projects. I want to hear about them all. Post in the comments if you have something cool that you want to share with the wii hacking community. Is your site ready for Wii?

UPDATE: I have created a quick portal page to get to all of the Wii Compatible websites without having to type in long urls. All you need to do is type in this URL once then bookmark it:

If you have additional links you would like me to add to the page send them my way!

See the Wii Web Browser in Action:


Tr0n said...
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Johannes said...

This thing is extremely buggy. It crashed twice on me already and webpages randomly crash back to a previous page.

Judging by what I saw already, it seems very possible this could lead to some sort of exploit (even if 100% sandboxed) - I'll check that out tonight.

Tr0n said...
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tom said...

orb isnt streaming mp3 files here

James said...

When I go to Youtube I get a "you do not have Javascript enabled, or need a newer version of Flash Player" (or something like that). Is there a trick to getting Youtube to work?

Erik said...

james, you just have to click the link that says that you know you half flash and to ignore the message.

anthony said...

i'm getting the same error as james and i cant find the link that says i know i have flash

Jim said...

I am unable to get orb working - are you using orb v1 or v2?

Anonymous said...

I got remotely embedded YouTube movies to play, no problem. Haven't visited YouTube itself yet, though.

Mostly because I spent all morning playing games on Orisinal


Rob said...

I can't verify it for sure, but I think the sporadic Youtube problem happens when Youtube's banner ad is in flash.... so far I haven't seen the Wii display more than one flash applet at a time.

Meebo doesn't work.... just a pale blue gradient with no text or login boxes. Anyone know of any AIM/Yahoo IM/IRC portals in Flash or Ajax that do work with the Wii? I'm trying to get a flash IRC client going on a hidden page of my own site, but something that would work for everyone would be nice.

LiquidIce said...

Sofatube is playing videos off youtube fine: http://www.redkawa.com/sofatube/play/

Skip the main youtube.com website and use that link instead.

SofaTube is also linked from the Wii Browser Portal page:

pixel_k said...

You could add EFnet CGI::IRC :


(interface=nonjs needed to be able to say someting with a wiimote)

Kevin said...

Was able to stream audio use Orb, but when i tried shuffle or play all, got some errors.

Freaked the kids out when we launched the web cam in the office, "What is Mom doing on the Wii ???"

pixel_k said...

As I said the "?interface=nonjs" IS important, it's missing on the Wiiportal's webchat shortcut.

LiquidIce said...

Thanks for the heads up pixel_k. I've fixed the link.

Kevin said...

wii-volution.com had this link to play a flash Duck Hunt clone on the wii:

Thought i'd pass it along

Sunny said...

be carefull on gmail, crashed opera twice. i had to do a hard reset on the wii cause it was frozen. use gmail in html mode, only. you can bookmark the html style inbox.

ClickNathan said...

I don't know what types of sites you're allowing on the list, but I'm always posting whatever Wii news I can at clicknathan.com/secretblog - and a great blog about all types of things is yummy-wakame.com/weblog

Thanks for all of this amazingly cool information! To the Wii!

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