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Friday, December 22, 2006

Wii Media Center - Play your videos through Opera

I came across an app called Wii Media Center. It is made by the same author that wrote Wii Video 9, an application that converts your video files to motion jpeg movies that are viewable in the photo channel.

Now he has created software that will generate nice looking webpages to browse through all of the media on your hard drive. Once the transcoding capabilities of Wii Video 9 and the website abilities of Wii Media Center are combined, we will be looking at a really solid platform for hosting video, audio and other media for the Wii.

Although there are still a few hurdles to get by, I have no doubts these issues will be solved soon.. Red Kawa, it's author, had this to say:

Now that the Wii Opera Browser has finally been released, we were finally able to test Wii Media Center X on the Wii and like a lot of you have mentioned, we've also noticed that there are major issues.

Since the Wii browser only supports Flash 7 and does not support LiveConnect, you will most likely encounter problems using the slideshow or my music features. Also there are reports of choppy video in the My Video's section.

We wanted to let you know that we are aware of these issues and are working on fixing them. Our plan of attack is to first get the Video section working well and then move onto the other sections.
So, it looks like they are making good progress, but it's just not quite there yet. For now you will want to try ORB.com which has been confirmed working on the Wii Web Browser.


Chris said...

I love how I read this AFTER I spend an hour screwing with it.

"Since the Wii browser only supports Flash 7 and does not support LiveConnect, you will most likely encounter problems using the slideshow or my music features"


Robot Nixon said...

Has any one got confirmed usage out of orb.com on the Wii? I'ce tried but so far have had no luck.

LiquidIce said...

I got video and audio streaming from orb. You need to go into settings and set the player to flash.

Bobo said...

my vidoes wont load with the orb flash player. any ideas?

David said...

I got audio playing fine after switching the player to flash in Orb's settings screen. My videos play audio fine but just give me the first frame of video which stays frozen on the screen.

Ian said...

I cannot get anything working through it... do I need to change ports or anything on my wireless router or anything like that?

David said...

Guys, ORB streaming problems can be fixed by deleting a registry key. Here are the steps:

- run regedit.exe
- find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Orb Networks/Orb/OrbStreamer
- File | Export (make a backup of this reg folder)
- delete the key HQFLASH

This modifies the flash encoding to use a lesser-quality which is compatible with Opera-Wii

hothot said...

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Luke said...

Try TVersity for another cool solution.

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