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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Wii Mote Applications for OSX and Windows

It's good to see the Japanese have started to hack their Wii's already! Well, wii-motes anyway...

Hirolog posted this Wii-Mote Application for OSX which allows you to control and monitor several features of the Wii-Mote using OSX. There is also a mouse mode, but the calibration of my wii-mote must be different because my mouse pointer keeps going to the bottom left corner of the screen when it's active.

More Info From Hirolog:

  • DarwiinRemote is a tiny software which reads data from and sends data to Nintendo Wii Remote
    • Inputs
      • 3-axis acceleration sensors
      • all buttons except power button on/off
    • Output
      • 4 LEDs
      • Force Feedback
  • DarwiinRemote makes us control other applications by using Wii Remote
    • but now only supports "AppleRemote" mode...
Download the software here:

UPDATE: 12/10/06 - DarwiinRemote 0.3 is released!! This version supports IR sensor and motion sensor calibration. Enjoy!

New Project Page:

Also, from our new Japanese friends, here is another Japanese Wii Hacking Website which has similar software for Windows called WiinRemote.

Get it here:


Corbin said...

I give it a 7/10. For the future however, 10/10. Only a seven because the Cursor function is way off. it works, barely. the calibration is nil, and there is no manual calibration feature. There is no disconnect button, but I can deal. i love that it works as an apple remote too, its amazing. IR support in future too! Highly recommended. Nice job to the hackers who helped make this.

DavidR said...

btw, someone is working on a linux driver as well. Currently it already supports using IR sensor for mouse movement!

check it here: http://blog.davr.org/2006/12/06/control-xorg-cursor-with-wiimote/

Arman said...

when i go to his site and download the software, it goives me a 404 error. is there a mirror link anywhere or is it not there for a reason?

Richard said...

Here's the updated, now up-to-date site:

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