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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

WiiAction - Input Library for Game Developers

One of the Authors of the WiiAction Input Library gives us a video demo on the upcoming software library called the WiiAction Input Library. This will allow game developers to easily integrate wii-mote control into their games with code that will be familiar to existing DirectInput programmers.


Bob Somers said...

Yes, yes, YES! This is exactly what we need!

Eric Farraro said...

VERY cool. I've already been thinking of some great ideas for games and something like this would help immensely.

Can I download / read more about this anywhere?

Jimmy said...

hi LiquidIce, great site, lots of good info, I am looking for your "contact me" link, but it is not linkable :(, as I was wondering if you could link to my wii sites

http://miimaps.com and http:// miitalk.com

the first on is a maps to show where all the miis are and the second one is a forum

thanks a bunch

Ben_kidd said...

Hey, do you fancy revolutionising the Visual Effects Industry??

Get that remote working in Maya and you will do just that! If your unfamilair with Maya, its the 3D tool used to create Pixar animtions, Golum, Spiderman Etc Etc, At the moment users still tend to use Keyboard and mouse, But I think It could really do with a hand held tool for animating Camera Etc. If your interested let me know!!

Rune said...

the wii remote would not be any better than a keyboard and mouse. please. lets not get carried away. i love the wii mote and its features, but for use in Maya? no thanks, i'll stick to keyboard and mouse for modelling. they have superior gadgets for sketching and other things, tablets, tablet PC's, tablet monitors, etc. no use for wii in maya.

Bob Somers said...

Ben_kidd, Pixar doesn't use Maya, they use some custom-developed in-house software; the same goes for Dreamworks.

I don't think either Golum or Spiderman were done with Maya either, but I could be wrong.

d said...

Could you please provide a link ? I search everywhere, can not find the url to the library or WiiAction.

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