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Monday, December 25, 2006

Wii Remote C++ Communication API for Windows

Wiim ("whim" or "wheem", if you prefer) is a simple set of C++ classes that allow you to connect to your Wii remote through Windows' HID interface to send and receive commands. Right now you can receive button presses and motion data as well as set rumble and LED status. There's no support for IR or any extension devices yet. Miis are another possibility, but they're already well supported elsewhere.

Check it out at:


Eric said...

Thanks for the add, liquidice.

I'd like to point out there's a similar effort here that supports a few more remote features: cWiimote. That said, he doesn't have a cool demo to go along with it!

Hefin said...

hi i tried to pair my wiimote with ma pc but when i try and pair it it asks me for a pairing pin number and then just says error pairing with device
Any Ideas?

Hefin said...

no matter what number i type it fails do you know what number i need or a way around it

Battosai said...

To pair, you MUST hold the 1 and 2 button without releasing them until it finishes installing EVERYTHING, HID drivers included. It should work flawlessly after that (and there is no pairing number, you MUST leave it blank and hit Next or Skip, depending on your stack).

General said...

hi all !

is there a Wii Remote JAVA Communication API for Windowsn ?


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