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Friday, December 15, 2006

Newbie's Guide to the Wii Remote on Windows

So you just got your greasy hands on a wii-mote. What can you do with it? You may have heard about people doing crazy things like playing the drums with it, and you may have seen videos on youtube of nerds using it to control their PC mouse. Despite all of the comments you may read below the videos on youtube, most of the videos are not fake. There are really people playing electronic instruments, playing half-life, controlling emulators, navigating google earth, and even more stuff I promised not to show you yet...

This post is all about Wii-Motes and Mii's. If you still have not gotten your Wii-Mote connected to your computer now is the time to get a known working wii compatible bluetooth adapter and join in on all the fun. Once your bluetooth adapter is connected, follow these simple instructions to connect the wiimote to your bluetooth adapter.

Once you have a driver installed and your wiimote's HID device is connected, you are ready to download some apps.

Wii-Mote Apps for Windows
For Windows you will definitely want to check out GlovePIE along with a host of other scripts.
These scripts will allow you to control all kinds of applications. GlovePIE is really a great program because it allows you to map buttons and values on the wii-mote to trigger keypresses in other applications.

Another great program for Windows Mii-Mote users is BigRedPimp's Wii-Mote App

Not to be left out:
OSX users should check out DarwiinRemote or learn how to use the WiiMote with FrontRow
And, For Linux wii-mote adventures WMD by e-Hernick is the way to go.

Transferring Mii's
A new version of MiiTransfer has been released. MiiTransfer 0.9.1 (released 12/13) should work with most, if not all, BT stacks.. The original version only supported the Microsoft Bluetooth stack. Download the latest bins and source code here:

Even better, one of the visitors to this site has created a GUI to make using MiiTransfer even easier. SWiitPii was so kind as to give me all the credit, but the truth is, I did not write a line of code for this program. In any case you can download the MiiTransfer Gui Kit here. I have tried it myself and I was able to easily transfer about 20 Celebrity Mii's from WiiModWii Transfer Station to my Wii in a few minutes. It is basically the .0.9.1 version of the MiiTransfer binaries from sourceforge along with another .NET program that runs the correct command line parameters for you. It works great, thanks for the software SWiitPii! If you need help with this app there is a support forum here

MiiPlaza.net is now hosting Mii's. They have a large community of people, and I see good things coming from their site real soon. If you can't wait and just want to download as many Mii's as possible, then head on over to WiiModWii's Mii Transfer Station to download the latest celebrity mii's and other user submitted Mii's. Otherwise if your picky of what Mii's go into your Wii, and you need to see pictures of them before you download, goto MiiPlaza.

You can not break your wii by uploading Mii's from the internet. Any corrupted bits in the .mii file and the Wii won't even display it. Have fun!


DuFFeR said...

Cheers. I just wrote a simple script to control goggles...


SWiitPii said...

To anyone that uses the GUI that I wrote, you don't have to worry about it frying your CPU. :)

But, if you do have questions and need answers, I set up a forum to handle such questions here:

Happy transferring!!

James said...

Is there some central place to troubleshoot initial BT connection for the Wiimote? The posted compatibility list is great, but it doesn't offer any advice if you start having problems...

Josh said...

thank u! i have just successfully connected mi wiimote to my comp. now all i need to do is download the glovepie app

Andrew said...

My wiimote is detected and connected to my bluetooth laptop, however the LED's keep flashing for the duration of the connection. WiiApp detects it but any test connection fails and GlovePie does not recognise it at all.

My hardware is on the compatible list, so I've no idea where to turn! There should be a forum for this I think!

serge said...

I got a german/european WII. Pressing Buttons 1 + 2 does NOT work! simply press the synchronize button and it'll work.

Leland said...

Just got a wii and I'm looking for added value items to make me want to keep it.


Aquanistic said...

Hello. These two links no longer work. Is there another place to find a wii compatible bluetooth adapter?


cdrom1019 said...

uhh can u please make a version that DOESN'T require .net? becuase .net is utter BULLCRAP and i refuse to install utter BULLCRAP on my computer

cdrom1019 said...

uhh can u please make a version that DOESN'T require .net? becuase .net is utter BULLCRAP and i refuse to install utter BULLCRAP on my computer

Rob Wood said...

lol @cdrom1019. were/are you a really spoiled child?

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