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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Download the Windows WiiMote Driver

CarlKenner, has posted his wiimote application to the WiiLi forums. This is an amazing accomplishment on it's own, but to add even more to the coolness of this is the fact that Carl DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A WIIMOTE!

Kudos to Carl for writing this software, and having it work on the first try without the actual hardware. I am downloading the files now to test them out and I'll have a full report for you tomorrow on how it all works. Until then you can try it out for yourself by downloading the Windows wii-mote drivers here:


Garrett said...

I bought a usb bluetooth dongle for my phone's headset and it shipped with the BlueSoleil software, version 1.6 (which wasn't registered for my cheap usb dongle, but it works without limits regardless). I tried upgrading to the newest version, 2.3, and found that not only did it not work with my headset but it imposed the 5mb data limit. It could be that the legitamate answer to our 5mb limit is the older 1.6 BlueSoleil software. Works for me. Anyone wanna give this a try?

Alistair said...

Does these drivers work with the nunchuks? It would make some really cool gaming if it did.

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