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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wii Compatible Wired USB Ethernet Adapter

The Wii has built-in wireless, but if you don't have wifi, or the signal is not good where the Wii is located, then wired ethernet is your only alternative. Nintendo can't seem to produce a consistent supply of USB ethernet adapters for the Wii, but someone else has found a cheap alternative usb device that IS compatible.


Source: Wii-Volution

If you have a Japanese Wii, you can get a wired Ethernet Adapter for Wii here:


James said...

Uh, or you can get a $10 wireless router at CompUSA. Seriously, who the hell owns a Wii, but not a wireless router? They are now officially "cheap as chips". A wired Ethernet adapter works with the Wii; a wireless adapter will also work with a DS, a PSP, a PS3, a laptop, a PocketPC...

Mevious said...

James, you obviously miss the point:

In crowded areas, wireless isn't necessarily a good option. Due to the nature of 802.11b/g, speed and signal suffers tremendously. Plus, not all of us want to broadcast our wireless (encrypted or not) for anyone to see. And whats the point of having wireless if you crank down the power so it only reaches in the one room? My house is already Cat5e networked.

Kieren Johnstone said...

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Donald said...

Mevious, you obviously havent touched a wireless router for quite some time. Most of your routers today have a signal broadcast on/off option. You then could manually setup the Wii's wifi settings to authenticate with a specific SSID THEN turn mac address filtering on, on the wireless router, and add only the Wifi NICs you want to have access to your network. On top of that add 128 bit encryption and you are good to go...or you can spend countless hours stringing CAT5 cabling throughout your house or pay someone hundreds of dollars to run drops throughout your house. (btw you can always buy a Wireless N or Pre-N router and not have to worry about speed or distance).

Mike said...


I appreciate your comments, but some of us still want wired access. I have a home that is prewired for Ethernet, and the Wii is as far away from my access point as possible. Also, I'm in a dense urban area. So, I would prefer a wired connection to wireless for my Wii (even though I have wireless available). My wired throughput is more reliable, and faster.

The concept that anyone using wired connections is "in the dark ages" is a bit much. I don't plan on carting my huge TV and Wii out on my deck to play in the yard, so what does wireless buy me if the wired connection is already there???

anthony said...

i completely agree with mike. wireless might be convenient if thats how you first set up your internet years ago but when you already have an entire house wired up there is no point in getting a wireless adapter to reach 1 foot to the wii. the wii should have come with an eithernet port in the first place, when trying to be the more accessable, cheaper alternative to a ps3 or 360, they were pretty dumb to not include a port that would have cost about a nickle to add. but anyways, i hope that the adapters are more readily available soon because i know im not the only one who thinks that the lack of a port on the wii was stupid

Kyle said...

KINAMAX NT-USB20 USB 2.0 to RJ45 Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Network Adapter - Retail

I bought that ethernet adapter off newegg and plugged it in. I still can't connect. It says I didn't instal it properly. Can someone please help me?

kyle.peer@gmail.com is my e-mail.

Kyle said...

actually, the exact message I get is:

Error Code: 50420
The USB Ethernet adapter has not been properly inserted.


chris said...

Do I have to use that wired adapter from Nintendo? or could i get a third party USB to Ethernet connector and just use that (one that was not designed for the wii)

Any ideas on that?

vince88 said...

Just tested 4 adapters [USB & wired-10/100 Ethernet] on my Wii: one worked, three did not. I will found out about the chips later.
Worked: Airlink101 Model ASOHOUSB on sale at Fry's for $4.99 [regular price $14.99]
Not detected by the Wii: [1] Microsoft Model MN-110 [2] Farallon Model PN796 [3] Actionlink Model PE200U. Vince88

Charlie said...

Just installed wired connection using NYKO usb - ethernet fro Wii smnooth as silk - No pokey 54mb for me with the neighbors reading my text. I got it at JR.com for 19.99 with free shipping - walmart sells on line only for 19.99 free ship to store. Part is NYKO Terchnologies 87024 Wiinet connect.

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