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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Enable Tabs in the Wii Web Browser

TeamDSX Writes:

The future version of Wii Tabs will have bookmark capabilities, and maybe a weather bug type feature in the bar.

There may also be customizable skins or something like that so it'll match the Wii.

Wii Tabs support can be found at http://teamdsx.net/wiitabs/support and you can post a comment on your problem.

Here are some of the things people have been saying about our Beta release so far:

Kotaku - "Pretty nifty tool, just be sure to favorite that site as you will have to visit it first to enable the tabbing."

Go Nintendo - "Awesome find, I just added this to my favorites!"

Play-Nintendo - "have come out with some handy tabs for the internet channel on the Wii!"

Max Console - "All you have to do is visit http://teamdsx.net/wii with your Wii and click on the tab that will pop up! It is just that simple."

Wii-Volution - "This is a rather important feature I felt was missing for the Opera Browser."

So thank you everyone for your support. If you like what we do then you can support us by donating OR if you don't want to do that, then you can vote for us on a bunch of Topsites that reset monthly. The vote page is http://teamdsx.net/vote

Don't forget to spread the word on Wii Tabs. A video demo will be made also for people that need to figure out how it works, or are confused about something.

Great work guys, looking forward to the new features!


Aaron Lockard said...

Warpipe also has a tab service though I do not know the exact url it shouldn't be too hard to find

Mister Cow ~ Pinoy said...

you guys got the url wrong, or they changed it after this post. it's now http://teamdsx.net/wii

no hyphen between team and dsx anymore

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