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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mii Mega-Mall - Mii Download Application

SwiitPii has released his latest edition of Mii Transfer utilities... The Mii Mega-Mall.

This one has download abilities built right in, so you only need 1 application to load up celebrity Mii's to your wiimote to bus them over to the wii. Check out WiiDomain.net for more info.

The Mii Mega-Mall is an integrated approach to Mii sharing. What does that mean? It means that, now, instead of having to use many separate processes to get those adorable Mii off the Internet; you can use a single, streamlined approach through this one tool.

The Mii Mega Mall provides a single access-point, with a unified, consistent interface for sharing and retrieving Mii over the Internet. Everything that you need is included. It features Image

  • Built-in RSS capabilities
  • Download Mii from the Mega-Mall
  • Multiple simultaneous downloads
  • Transfer downloaded Mii to your wiimote (using Bluetooth)
  • Copy Mii from your wiimote to your PC (using Bluetooth)
  • Upload your own Mii to the Mii Mega-Mall to share with others

Download it from WiiDomain.net


Izaak said...

make a mac version!

Gavin said...

Mr. Ice,

This blog absolutely rocks!

Just added a couple links to my Tenspotting list of the Top Ten Coolest Wii Hacks.

Take a look at it here:


If you want, you can embed a copy of the list in your blog and let your readers vote on which are the coolest ones to date. If not, just take a look at it and let me know what you think!


Gavin Purcell

Federico D'Ambrosio said...

I need a Mac version.

Richard said...

A mac os x version would be very much appreciated indeed.

nick said...

yes, mac version please!

khushnood said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hey... I have an idea for you mac noobs: Cry yourself to sleep, and in the morning by a PC!

Tom said...

Hey, Ryan, at east we Mac users know how to spell.

Tom said...

Kind of :)

Tom said...

Besides, guys, at least we Mac users can turn our wiimotes into lightsabers we can use with our laptops. Check this out, it's a cool hack.

Tyler said...

there's no need for a mac version if you have an intel mac. just boot up windows :) its the best of both worlds!

Ganiman said...

Screw mac and windows, how about a linux version :P

Brian said...

i have windows but i still can't download it properly. HELP!!

Ian said...

Hey Ryan, how about you porn loving windows idiots go check your infected virus program before your computer's hard drive fries from a memory overload and overheating. Then maybe you'll have the common sense to get a mac.

Seth said...

just freaking get parallels on mac, or crossover, and get any app for any os.

James said...

Mac guys get over yourselves, they are close enough to the same thing all the windows users run, only real difference is that spiffy copy of BSD/Unix you guys have...

Also, If Mac OS X was the single most popular OS on the market, they would have just as many virus problems... As is stands though: Why bother? Too few people use mac.

The real question though is what this is not multi-platform: I use Windows and Linux. I would prefer to use Linux any day of the week. Also if the code is made more portable, more people could help develop it... Just a thought tho.

jo likes jo said...

well the majority of ppl want mac versions-including me.

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