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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wii Hacks Blog Updates

I have updated the layout of the site a bit. What do you think?

I am very impressed with the new Blogger. The site has been stable after switching over, and the new features are very helpful. This site has been on digg.com a few times now, and Google's servers handle the traffic without a problem. Props to the Blogger team for creating such a great product, and congrats on finally coming out of beta!

If you can no longer view this site correctly, please post here with your browser version, resolution, and OS and a description of the problem you are having. Thanks!


Matthew said...

Left column is not there (intentional?) using XP and IE 6.

DAVE said...

tables are broken on 1024x768

Johannes said...

Hi there. It looks okay by me. If you still have problems, set the (td) to "width=200px" etc. - that should work.

By the way: I would really like to use an RSS-feed of this website. Is there one available?

LiquidIce said...

The RSS feed for this site is:

Mrio said...

What do you mean by: "I want it to stretch to the remaining width of the browser."

I think it works. I see the left column stretching. Right column is fixed @ 250px. Works in IE7/FF2/Opera 9.


Rob said...

I'm on Firefox 1.5 under Linux at 1024x768, and I have to scroll down an entire page to read the body of every article due to the gigantic header and the "More Wii Skins Here" ad.

Maybe if you put the ad within the body text it would be a little less annoying, but as it is, I pretty much only read your site via RSS and only click through when I want to leave a comment.

pixel_k said...

the new design is much better, thanks for the improvement.

windrago said...

super useful blog!!

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