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Friday, December 08, 2006

UPDATE: Windows Wii-Mote Scripting

vkapadia has posed several scripts for GlovePIE, a Windows program which lets you use the Wii-Mote as your mouse, or to control games on your PC. You will need to successfully connect the WiiMote to your PC using a compatible bluetooth adapter first. There are detailed instructions posted here. Once you have GlovePIE and the wii-mote successfully connected, download one of the following scripts (right click and save-as) and then load it into GlovePIE.

Scripts for using the Wiimote in Windows with GlovePIE:

WiiMouse IR
Point with your Wiimote and click! REQUIRES SENSOR BAR
Chances are, this is the one you want.

WiiMouse Accel
Tilt and rotate the Wiimote to control the mouse.

WiiMouse IR Relative
Moves the mouse based on the Wiimote's position relative to the center of the screen.

Two WiiMice
Connect two Wiimotes to control two mice. REQUIRES SENSOR BAR

WiiMouse IR Odd Bar
Before version .24, some sensor bars were not functioning properly. REQUIRES SENSOR BAR

Generic Joystick Driver
This uses the tilt/rotate as two axes, and all 11 buttons to emulate a joystick. REQUIRES PPJOY

Nintendo 64 Emulator - Ocarina of Time
A little awkward, but not too bad.

Nintendo 64 Emulator - Goldeneye (basic)
All buttons are digital in this script.

Nintendo 64 Emulator - Goldeneye (advanced)
In this, there is analog control support.

Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator
Basic controls for an NES emulator. Turn the Wiimote sideways for this one.


Mazhar said...

First, props to all the developers who are making the wiinmote scene possible.

Given the eventuality that the drivers for the wiimote for pc will become suitable for full functionality, how much longer before we see nunchuck support? Instead of using the D-pad, why not use the nunchuck as the WASD config with the other two buttons free to map.

It be great if someone came up with a usb sensor bar / bluetooth adapter with a wiimote and nunchuck driver disk. Think of it as an all in one wiimote to pc solution. Could sell it for 15 bucks and it go like hot cakes.

Mazhar said...

granted, there would be no use for the wiimote and nunchuck if there arent custom control drivers setup for each game. This would be the objective of the individual game modders to implement.

PeanuT said...

To be honest, I still can't get the thing to work! I'm using the Widcom drivers, and the Wiimote's coming up in Windows. In its status i can see it receiving data packets when i press buttons etc, but it's just not translating to GlovePIE. New Bluetooth dongle?

Ian said...

I've got it to work, it's pretty cool. The IR script works, but for me, it wouldn't go down past the lower half of my screen. So I played some solitaire in the top half :p Can't wait for this to get better.

ASMzoo said...

I haven't tried to get into this yet. I'm not sure about a few things, such as if the stock sensor bar will work with the drivers even if you are closer than the required 3 feet distance, or what the specs on the Bluetooth adapter should be. I will probably start buying the stuff that I nees once someone gets nunchuck support going. I can't wait to play through Half Life 2, or even try to pwn some noobs on Counter Strike with my Wiimote and Nunchuck, but until then, I'll be watching for updates, and playing through Zelda a few times.

Bob Somers said...

Peanut, are you using the BlueSoleil drivers? If not, try those.

Joseph said...

Great scripts! I've written one for Google Earth that you can find here along with a video.

Luke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luke said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Let me ask you - how many times have you set something to "Play" in WinAmp, stepped outside for a smoke, only to discover the next song completely sucks? Never? Well, it happens in this house all the time.

Now, however, that will hopefully never happen again:


(The direct link wasn't displaying correctly for me, so try here if need be:


It's only a very simple script - it only uses the buttons rather than the motion sensing or pointing, but hey... It gave me something to do this morning.

Kim said...

hi I got a problem when trying to use the wiimouse script in a FPS, when switching to the game, glovepie pauses just like when you hit the "reduce" button on its window, so wiimouse working in windows, but non ingame, then working again when I go back to windows... any clue?

Kim said...

sorry for the double post, but I'm getting troubles running some scripts using the wiimote, while some like wiimouse & wiidrums work fine,
I can't emulate any joystick through ppjoy, which makes me saaaaaaaaad... ;p
I'm using bluesoleil software to connect the wiimote, then run the HID service, the wiimote is recognized and installed in some case like i said before, but not in ppjoy... pleaaaaaase help :)


Kim said...

sorry again just tried the new glovepie scripts and it's working fine !! great job everybody

Adam said...

Hey Kim did you figure out how to get the wiimouse IR script to work with a First person shooter? What did you do it get it to work if so? I had the same problem as you that it will work on the windows desktop but not inside a game. Was there an update to the Wiimouse IR script that I don't know about that fixes that issue?

Wii Boy said...

Excuse me if this is a stupid question, but how exactly do you get the sensor bar hooked up to the computer?

Manaf said...

Yes , please what do you do with the sensor bar ?! i got everything else working, GlovePIE is amazing.

Xeracy said...

opt1: plug it into ur wii and set it in front of your computer

opt2: get a wireless sensor bar...

jon said...

Also, You can take your wii sensor bar apart, de-solder the existing wires (red = pos, gold = neg) then re-solder some separated wires (for some reason I couldn't get continuity through the existing wires.) and hook it all up to a 7.5v pet-collar battery from radioshack with a power switch. Mine works like a charm.
I'm having a problem with the script for the IR mouse though. The code is all jumbled and if I try to just copy and paste it into glovepie, it gets cut off. any ideas?

I've got my wiimote working in Ubuntu Linux with full nunchuck support. There is even support for the classic controller, but I can't get as much functionality in Windoze. :(

Brian said...

I'm having a similar problem as some others here. Wiimote stays connected via bluetooth, I can get a response on the status page from pushing buttons on the wiimote, and when I put the cursor at the edge of the screen (with my mouse) the wiimote rumbles, but I can't get glovepie to read in any of the actions I take with the wiimote. It doesn't respond to tilting moving the wiimote or pushing any of the buttons. what the deuce am i doing wrong?

galaxip said...

FWIW: the sensor bar just shines infrared light.. It does not 'sense' anything, instead the wiimote senses the IR lights. Have even read that tealight candles work for IR lights. But fire is dangerous, so go get a battery operated 'sensor bar' for $10!

Sachin S said...

Got this working !! Thanks a ton.

I connected laptop to my TV where sensor bar was already positioned below it. Then turned got wiimote connected to laptop via bluetooth. Then started wii but kept the same on start screen. It didnot even receive first A as wiimote was not connected, But that powered sensor bar and vallah .. I was able to see mouse pointer moving with wiimote. Amazing experience..

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