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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

WiiMote Music Controller Nord Lead

This is the perfect example of what innovative new things can be created with the Wii-mote and a computer...

This guy has his hooked up to generate music from his PC. Check it out here:
WiiMote Music Controller Nord Lead

How much longer till we see at a virtual Wii-Mote Drum Machine?

UPDATE: Apparently not long... Bob Somers has posted his Wii Drum Machine Software on his website. Take a look at the video:

Cool stuff! So my next question is how soon until a bunch of geeks get together and form a band composed entirely of laptops and wii-motes?


Bob Somers said...

Ask and you shall receive. I just got finished with a hack mashup that extends a GlovePIE script with a C# program to play drum sounds.



Corbin said...

You might wanna post this as a story, i don't really care though.
its me playing n64 on my mac with wiimote.

Assorted Video said...

WiiMote music controller? haha that's pretty far out!

whitaker said...

This guy = teh winn

nobrand said...

I am the guy that did the original video. I actually did hook it up to my drum machine. Had to make the code threshhold based rather than continuous data. Could trigger three different sounds with the different axiss of motion. Lots in the works for me right now actually. Doing another project today. Ill post.

Sebastian said...

here you go:

same concept as WiiDrum from Bob Somers, but with exchangeable .wav Soundsets.

kevinkesler91 said...

could you use to wii remotes at the same time, one in each hand, so that it's like you have two drum sticks?

kevinkesler91 said...

* i meant tw0, not to. sorry

Paul said...

Nintendo wasn't kidding when they said they were hoping people(bedroom coders) would start playing with the wiimote and doing this kind of stuff. Nintendo would probably love this stuff to be released on the VC

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