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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Play the Guitar with Wii Remotes

Jordan Sanborn has posted his application that allows you to play the guitar with the Wii-Mote.

To control the frets, start by holding wiimote 1 flat for the first fret,
then for each consecutive fret, tilt it slightly more towards vertical.
There are 5 possible frets.
The 4th is vertical, and the fifth is tilted slightly forward from vertical.
For no fret, hold the "B" button.

To pick, hold down a button on wiimote 2, and flick your wrist.
The string keys is as follows:
B - low E string.
A - A string.
Down - D string.
Left - G string.
Right - B string.
Up - high E string.
Get the GlovePIE Script and application here.

Watch the video of Wiitar! 2.0 in Action:

Source: WiiLi


Jacob said...

That guy freaked me out...
Oh yeah Wii, cool.

Chris said...

I wanna see Wii Drums!@$!

Johnny said...

its wiitard time!

The Random One said...

Cool. One thing though, why can I see iTunes open?

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